Carbon neutrality is achieving net zero carbon emissions by individuals, organizations, businesses etc. It is done by measuring amount of carbon released and compensating it by preventing equivalent amount of emission from happening somewhere else, or buying enough carbon credits to make up the difference. For instance, a corporation may plant trees in different places to offset the electricity it consumes. Carbon neutrality aims at achieving a zero carbon footprint. All those organizations and individuals seeking carbon neutral status entails reducing and/or avoiding carbon emissions first so that only unavoidable emissions are offset.

   Carbon Neutral Certification provides organizations the credibility to illustrate their emission reduction efforts.  It helps communicate product’s resource efficiency, drives sales, builds strong brand image and most importantly helps in cost reductions. Carbon Neutral Certification by National Carbon Management Association (NCMA) recognizes an organization’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions responsibly. Through this recognition, NCMA confirms that the organization recognizes the problem of climate change and is sincerely working towards curbing emissions.

   We at NCMA help and support Indian organizations to become a “Carbon Neutral Company” under the Carbon Offset Standard. Our Carbon Offset program is recognized and valid in 187 countries including India. People are increasingly seeking to adopt carbon neutral (Eco-Friendly) lifestyle because 70% people have “personal experience” of global warming.  And doing business or buying product and services from a Carbon Neutral Company makes a concrete contribution to climate protection.

 Certification offers real advantages

  • Company can now brand themselves as… ‘Awarded Carbon Neutral Company” by National Carbon Management Association.

  • Improve corporate image and public relations.

  • Generate revenue and increase market share by differentiating products and services with a powerful statement of environmental credentials

  • Brand goodwill.

  • Tax benefit as per 80G

  • Many companies are now looking seriously at the environmental impact of their activities, and how they can minimize the carbon they produce and offset the remainder.


   NCMA has been applying ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility to inspect the status of CSR behavior. It can help and support Indian organisations to become a “Carbon Neutral Company”  under the Carbon Offset Standard.  More can be known in this regard by checking NCMA’s website on  or contacting NCMA at . All in all, NCMA will help in bringing all the elements to become carbon neutral under one roof for a guilt free business and life.


  1. We seek techno commercial offer for verification, validation and certification of GHG emission data for 5 yearsin line with ISO 14064/API compendium 2009/WRI/WBCSD GHG protocol.

  2. Whether farmers/ FPOs can do production and trading in organic manure/pesticides and seek this certification

  3. We are working on Solid Waste Management initiatives, promoting Composting to reduce GHG. How can we exchange the credits with corporates looking for exchange.
    Munish Kundra (

  4. How can a housing society who has installed a solar plant can get “Carbon Credit certificate”
    If someone can guide us will be helpfull.

  5. We would like to move our hand forward for helping with zero-carbon initiative. We are not a company, we are farmers, we would like to create carbon credits and trade it with other companies. We would highly appreciate if you could provide us with more information regarding the creation of carbon credits. Thank you in advance.

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