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Sometime its hard to believe what we can’t see but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Carbon dioxide also known as Greenhouse gas  is invisible but the impact of how carbon is affecting the earth is not.

Each and every one of us is responsible for creating Carbon dioxide(co2)

In understanding these problems there are three realities that need to be understood:

  1. Our ecological crises are enormous and quickly getting worse.

  2. These problems are urgent and time is running out.

  3. There are alternatives, and a better future is possible.

In actual fact, we are using 50% more resources then the earth can produce.

It is difficult for people to grasp just how extreme our ecological crises really are.

Problems such as climate change, loss of species, water shortages–are a type of problem that human beings have never faced before.

Recent years have been hottest and wettest weather on global record and 70% of people have “personal experience” of global warming.

Become Carbon Neutral (net zero carbon) 

Achieving net zero carbon emissions by balancing a measured amount of carbon released with an equivalent amount sequestered or offset.

We help and support Indian organisations to become a “Carbon Neutral Company”  under the Carbon Offset Standard.

Environment and carbon neutrality is important to customers

70% people have “personal experience” of global warming.

48% see global warming as the biggest threat to the planet.

People are increasingly seeking to adopt a carbon neutral lifestyle.

Buying carbon neutral product and services makes a concrete contribution to climate protection.

Environment and carbon neutrality is important to business

As its important for customers, it’s the first priority for businesses.

Improve corporate image and public relations.

Generate revenue and increase market share by differentiating products and services with a powerful statement of environmental credentials

Many companies are now looking seriously at the environmental impact of their activities, and how they can minimize the carbon they produce and offset the remainder.

Brand goodwill.

Company can now brand themselves as… ‘Carbon Neutral Company” by National Carbon Management Association.

We help and support Indian organisations to become a “Carbon Neutral Company”  under the Carbon Offset Standard.

Our three step process allows you to achieve Carbon Neutrality:

  1. Measure your Carbon footprint/Carbon Emissions – Know how much and what you need to reduce and offset. We measure the GHG emissions and providea complete and accurate GHG inventory over a relevant timescale.

  2. Reduce your emissions – Put an Emissions Management Plan (EMP) in place. We provide detailed recommendations for reducing your carbon emission.

  3. Offset emissions you cannot reduce – The counteracting of carbon dioxide emissions with an equivalent reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere via fully verified offset projects.

Note :: With your unique ID you can track down the real time detail of your offset project.

After the above steps we will Award you as “Carbon Neutral Company


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